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Working at Energyworks

Do you want to work for an organisation that's making a positive difference to the development of the Industrial Sector in Taranaki and elsewhere in New Zealand?

A well established, privately owned and operated business, with a strong recent history. Our successful business has been developed from strong client relationships built on service excellence, which includes an ongoing commitment to health and safety, quality performance and value for our clients.

All members of the Energyworks team are expected to be committed to providing the same level of outstanding service.

Energyworks is a company that will assist you to develop both your personal and professional skills, with support from senior management and offer you the opportunity to experience both challenge and reward in equal measure.

At Energyworks, developing your talent is a vital part of our current and future business strategy. We are driven to help our people perform to their full potential and provide a range of career development support, including one-to-one coaching and guidance, safety competency learning and key skills development programmes.

Being part of the team

All members of the Energyworks team are expected to be committed to providing the same level of outstanding service.

Training & Development

The company is committed to your personal and professional development and offers a range of initiatives to enhance your growth and benefit the business. On arrival, you will be given a detailed company induction that provides you with an overview of the companies key expectations and outlines important on boarding information to help you adjust to life as anew employee.

Thereafter, a range of operational and safety training requirements will be assessed in accordance with your designation and client requirements to enable you to be a productive and valuable team member. Further training to assist in your growth and ability to add value to the business will be assessed on an individual basis annually.

Apprentices, Trainees and Graduates

If you’re new to the workforce, or looking for a career change, Energyworks offers a range of Trade Assistant (level entry) positions that can lead to formal Apprenticeship opportunities through CompeteNZ. We encourage learning towards the National Certificate in Engineering, Fabrication, Level 2 & 4, with strands in either Heavy Fabrication, Light Fabrication, and Steel Construction.

All Energyworks apprentices have a supervisor to help them in the day-to-day aspects of their role and they are also assigned an overall mentor to help them gain a better understanding of the Energyworks culture and to assist with structuring their learning and guiding their career development.

We value learning and encourage all our employees, both in frontline and support roles, to continuously improve their skills through the many channels we offer.

Diversity, opportunity and reward

As an equal opportunity employer, we aim to ensure equal treatment for every job applicant and employee, and comply with all national laws And as you’d expect from a professional company, Energyworks offers competitive salaries and benefits packages.

We specialise in the delivery of multidisciplined engineering services.

Energyworks Limited has grown within the Industrial Sector in Taranaki to become a leading specialised multidisciplined engineering company throughout New Zealand.