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Off Site Fabrication

Energyworks provides a one stop shop for the procurement and fabrication of pressure piping, vessels and engineered structural steel.

Our large 70m x 40m fabrication shop is equipped with a rotating gas cutters and band saws, 4 x 5t gantry cranes, pipe rotators, STT welding unit, boom mounted FCAW units, fume extraction and a 900barg designed hydrotesting bay, making for efficient handling of large volumes of pipe spooling and structural elements. Energyworks also provides a separate stainless steel fabrication facility in a standalone building, to maintain cleanliness and quality control away from the more dominant carbon-based fabrication in the main workshop.

The exacting quality standards required by high pressure and temperature process industries are provided through our ISO-9001 accredited Quality Management System. All fabricated items are supplied with a comprehensive manufacturer’s data report (MDR’s) which includes the required material traceability, weld procedures, welder records, hydrotesting records, calibration certificates and NDT reports.

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