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Human and Organisational Performance principles

The ethos of Energyworks is based around the Five key principles of Human and Organisational Principles.

Human and Organisational Performance – or HOP – is a contemporary perspective on how we can improve work.  

It focuses on understanding the context and conditions or work, recognising the complex interactions between people and systems.  HOP helps us to understand how humans perform and gives us a framework for building a more resilient organisation.

People Make Mistakes

  • We are all fallible and error is a normal part of the human condition.
  • Even the best people make mistakes.
  • Our people should never be one mistake away from a significant event.
  • Conditions that make mistakes more likely are knowable and predictable.
  • Asking people to try harder is not a strategy.

Blame Stops Improvement

  • You can blame and punish or learn and improve BUT you can’t do both!
  • Blame may be satisfying but fixes nothing!
  • Blame blocks learning.
  • Blame is easy to do, hard to reverse

Context Drives Behaviour

  • Workers do what they do for a reason, and that reason makes sense to the worker given the context of the situation.
  • Behaviour and actions must be understood in the context in which they happened.
  • Systems thinking involves taking a wider view, seeking to understand the whole rather than the individual parts.
  • There are many factors that influence behaviours ranging from organisational to very local factors.

Learning is Vital

  • Learning is a strategic and operational choice towards improvement.
  • Understanding the gap between how Work as Imagined differs from how Work is Done is vital.
  • Failure isn’t always bad.
  • Simple explanations may be emotionally satisfying but are unlikely to lead to meaningful improvement.

Response Matters

  • Managers shape how the organisation learns by their reaction to failure.
  • You can blame and punish or learn and improve.
  • Accountability does not have to involve punishment.
  • Everything is obvious in hindsight.
  • Learning is action.

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