Energyworks facilities include:

  • 2,800m2 workshops
  • 900m2 offices & amenities
  • 300m2 stores
  • 1,360m2 paint shop, offices & amenities
  • 1,100m2 storage facility
  • 8,000m2 yard



Energyworks has two main engineering workshops both 70m long x 20m wide. They are  serviced with 4 x 5 tonne remote controlled gantry cranes with 7m hook clearance.
Welding bays have fully ducted fume extraction which remove fumes from the source providing a clean work environment.
The piping workshop has a purpose built hydrotesting facility for testing pipe spools, valves and equipment.


Industrial Coatings

The new paint facility alongside our Workshop includes:

  • A blast booth 18 mtrs long x 6 mtrs wide, with a blast media recovery and scrubber system
  • A heated paint booth 18 mtrs long x 6 mtrs wide, complete with internal heating and fume extraction systems
  • Main Spray area 40 mtrs long x 15 mtrs wide, complete with filtered fume extraction & two 5 ton overhead gantry cranes
  • Independent plant room, compressor room, paint store & paint mixing area
  • Office, washroom and lunchroom


Storage Facility

The storage facility runs along side the Paint Shop and offers our clients a large area for the storage of their materials and equipment. This area is also serviced by a 5 tonne gantry crane.



The offices are open plan with air conditioning, modern furnishing and equipment providing an excellent working environment for our staff.


Training Suite

At Energyworks we are serious about having a highly trained and professional team so we have invested in the development of a dedicated training facility and conference room. The fully equipped learning centre provides a perfect sound protected learning environment for both internal and external training.